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CNC for woodworking, composite machining and aluminium

For woodworking, composite machining and aluminium

High-precision CNC routers that can be adapted to machine a variety of materials – wood, composite, aluminium, glass and even stone.


CNC milling - operations principles, foundations and opportunities

A CNC milling machine is a high-precision workbench that converts part drawings (CAM files) or desired parameters into precise 3D parts. The spindle of these machines moves in at least three axes – X, Y and Z – allowing the production of complex three-dimensional parts with high precision. CNC routers are widely used in a wide range of industries including joinery, manufacturing, advertising and more, offering limitless production possibilities.

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Purchasing a device from us

Gets you access to high class
technologies that guarantee processing accuracy and efficiency.

Advantages of CNC milling and why buy them from us

Our milling machines are equipped with advanced features such as automated tool changing and a vacuum table, which greatly simplify the work process and reduce the time needed to produce the finished product. We offer not only the equipment, but also professional support and training, ensuring that you can make the most of your new router from day one.

High accuracy

We guarantee high precision in every step of the work, from making the contours of the parts to milling the pockets and engraving the text.

Diversity in materials

Milling cutters are capable of processing a wide range of materials - from wood and plastics to soft metals and even stone or glass.

Complex parts

The advantage of CNC milling is the ability to create complex three-dimensional parts. This option allows you to develop unique products.

Innovation - CNC router with multiple for work surfaces

A solution never seen before in Latvia: a milling machine with multiple work surfaces. This innovative machine allows multiple parts to be processed simultaneously, minimising the need for manual part changes and waiting times. This approach not only significantly improves production speed, but also optimises the use of resources.

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