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CNC for metalworking: plasma cutters, milling cutters and fibre lasers

Plasmas cutters, milling cutters and fibre lasers

We offer a wide range of metalworking solutions that allow you to efficiently and accurately carry out work of varying degrees of complexity. Our technology facilitates the production of both simple and complex parts.

Fibre lasers - the future of metalworking technology

These machines use a high-intensity light beam to cut metal precisely and cleanly, ensuring excellent machining quality even on the most difficult materials. Fibre lasers are extremely energy efficient and offer low maintenance costs, making them a viable choice for any business.

Energy efficiency

Compared to traditional lasers, fiber lasers consume less energy and provide longer life with low maintenance costs.

Higher accuracy

Offering the ability to perform fine cutting and marking operations, fiber lasers open up new opportunities in precision.


Fiber laser

The future of metalworking! It offers flawless accuracy and speed.


Metal CNC machining - operating principles, options

CNC machining opens up a wide range of possibilities. It enables a wide range of machining operations – from precision cutting to detailed milling – in less time and less resources. Plasma cutters offer fast and clean metal cutting, while CNC milling machines and fibre lasers open the door to complex shapes and fine parts. These technologies are ideal for increasing your production capacity and optimising your work processes.

CNC milling machines - for complex parts

For complex and precise parts, CNC milling machines offer unrivalled agility and adaptability. These machines are equipped with high-precision control systems that allow you to work with different materials and create detailed shapes. Efficient tool changing and automated operations reduce production time and material use, optimising production processes.


Plasma cutters - for precise and fast metal processing

CNC plasma cutters provide fast and precise metal cutting, offering excellent machining quality even for thicker materials. This technology is the optimal choice when you need fast project realisation with minimum material deformation. Plasma cutters are efficient, fast and able to meet the highest production demands while ensuring cost-effectiveness.